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About us

Nitro Gun Co. was founded by CEO Nick Garcia of Carlsbad, CA in 2015. He graduated from Carlsbad High in 2005, investing in 4 years of wood-shop experience with a certification in 'Advanced Cabinetry'. With 15 years of wood-working experience, Nick has been able to create a speargun with a high-quality product and design. Depending on the experience of the diver, Nitro Gun Company can build a speargun specialized to your needs. Customized designs vary from 36" to 72", 1 band to 6 bands, rear handle or mid handle.

Nick was born and raised near one of San Diego's most popular beaches, Carlsbad, CA. His family upbringing was centered around the ocean, so he too grew to have the same love and appreciation. Through his undying passion for surfing, fishing, and skating, Nick learned another form of art that sparked his interest. At the age of 9, he learned of his fascination with design and built his first skate ramp. Integrating his first love for ocean and design, he became obsessed with the mental and physical challenge of diving and hunting underwater. In 2015, the first 'Nitro' speargun was born in his very own wood-working home garage. The name 'Nitro' was a nickname given to Nick Garcia during his training of MMA. In his early teens, he was introduced to Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts at a local Fight Center. After becoming a professional MMA fighter in 2008, he soon gained the nickname "Nitro" Nick Garcia because of his explosive demeanor in the arena. Nick gained 2 world titles and honorable recognition, during 8 years of active training as a professional fighter



Questions regarding custom spearguns contact Nick at