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Bomber Series (Deposit)

$ 300.00

Nitro Gun Co Bomber Series (Deposit)

$300.00 deposit required to start building process. 

Final Payment due before shipping -$300 deposit.

4-6 Week building process.

60" Bomber $1,600.00

65" Bomber $1,650.00

70" Bomber $1,675.00

72" Bomber $1,700.00


4 Ply Mahogany laminate 

11/32" 17-4 Stainless Steel shaft

Five 9/16" small ID power bands set at 105 lbs of pull each.

Ballasted, center balanced at the handle.

Range differs from each gun. 30' to 36' of effective kill range

Neptonics Stainless steel components and trigger mech.


Available options:

Custom Resin Art starting at $50.00

Slip Tip starting at $82.00

Carbon Fiber wrapped butt stock $150.00

Custom Inlay starting at $50.00

B-65" Bomber Pool Testing




Additional costs may apply. Contact Nick before ordering at

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